What Is The Open Enrollment Period For 2021 For Medicare?

2021 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is more important than ever for you to shop and compare different plans and benefits. There are more benefits to this year’s plans than ever before. Most of the Medicare Advantage plans for this year’s Medicare Annual Enrollment I represent have a $0 dollar monthly premium. Some will actually rebate you back up to $130 for your Part B monthly premium. This means if your Part B premium is taken from your social security benefit. You’ll receive an increase in your social security benefits. If you enroll in this plan or if you pay for your Part B premium directly, you will receive a credit on your bill.  

The Medicare Open Enrollment Period for 2021 begins on October 15th and ends on December 7th. Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D plans provide you with numerous options. The Open Enrollment Period allows you to find the plan that provides the most value for your budget.

Do you have questions about how to sign up for Medicare? You’re in luck! The open enrollment period for 2021 is just around the corner, and this guide will tell you everything you need to know. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Senior Savings Model?

One of the most talked-about increases in benefits is the new Senior Savings Model. It is designed to save Medicare Beneficiaries on insulins. I have several plans in many different areas that are now offering many insulins at a $0 copay. Plans do not have to offer insulins at reduced rates. It’s their option whether they participate in the Senior Savings Model for insulin or not. Contact me, and we can look up all of the plans participating to help find you the lowest copays for the insulin or insulin you take.

Medicare Enrollment
Medicare Enrollment

If we find you a company that has better costs for your insulin and other prescriptions. We can usually do this without changing any of the doctors, medical groups, or hospitals you go to. If you‘re not taking insulin, it’s a good idea to call me to look at the costs of all your prescriptions. There have been many changes in copays. I can help you find the lowest costs, usually without changing any of your doctors, providers, medical groups, or hospitals. One of my most popular plans tells us that 90% of the prescriptions their plan members take are eligible for a $0 copay. 

What some Medicare Plans are Offering this Medicare Annual Enrollment

  • Some plans are now offering meals delivered to your home after hospital stays, and for those with some chronic conditions to help meet nutritional needs
  • Plans are offering fitness benefits. Most include a free gym membership 
  • Some are now including a free Fitbit as a benefit in their Medicare plan
  • One of the most underrated benefits in my opinion is the transportation benefits being offered
    • Some plans offer free rides through private car services to non-emergency services. These can include rides to doctor appointments, pharmacies, and more

Most Liked Benefit Plan by My Mom

My mother liked the transportation benefit when she was alive. When my sister and I couldn’t take her to the doctor she knew she wouldn’t have a problem getting to her appointment. My sister or I was almost always able to take her, but mom liked that she knew she wouldn’t have to inconvenience us if we were really busy. When mom would use the ride she would use it for multiple stops. It would take her from her apartment to her doctor’s appointment, then usually to get some blood work done, sometimes to the pharmacy if she had a new prescription, and then it would take her home. Her plan did all this for her at a $0 copay.

Medicare Enrollment
Medicare Enrollment

Almost all plans include some Dental, Vision, and Hearing aid Coverage.

I now have plans that are offering more comprehensive dental benefits. Most plans will allow you to get an 

  • Exam
  • Cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment.

There are some plans that are now including coverage for more comprehensive coverage like 

  • Root canals
  • Bridge crowns, and more

What Changes are Coming to Medicare 2021?

As you know companionship for our seniors can be very important. I have a carrier that helps out in this area in two different ways and one way is for your fur babies. To help with loneliness and isolation we have a Medicare plan that connects college students to members who need assistance with non-medical services, such as light household chores, technology lessons, and general companionship. This Medicare plan will provide pet boarding for members who have hospital procedures or emergencies and need pet care while they are away.  

Other extra benefits being provided by the Medicare plans we represent include but are not limited to, pest control, yes you heard me right, we have a company that will help with hiring and paying for a pest control company. Other benefits are 

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic services
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems 
  • Over-the-counter pharmacy benefits  

I get this question a lot. Do all the programs have all of these benefits? The answer is no.  

What is the Advantage of Working With an Independent Agent?

This is why it really benefits you to work with an independent agent that represents many plans. You can call an insurance company directly, but they can only tell you about their benefits. This leads them, in my opinion, to try and convince you or sell you into one of their programs. I do the opposite. I don’t push you into one plan or another. With me, we have a simple conversation, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You get to understand the differences between the different companies and plans, and you get to see which plan will fit your needs.

We regularly have husbands and wives in different companies and plans. Why? Because their needs are different. When you call someone from the TV commercials they’re giant call centers located around the country, the agents you talk to have sales quotas they need to fill, and managers constantly looking at their sales because they have investors they need to pay.

Medicare Enrollment: With me, I am the Boss

  • Don’t have sales quotas or any of those pressures
  • Sell to people the exact way I want to be sold to
  • Want the facts presented to me in as easy-to-understand terms as possible, and when I understand, I ask for my salespersons’ opinion

If you like the high-pressure sales tactics, I’m not the person you should be talking with.

If you want to have a pleasant conversation about all of your options while getting all of the facts to help you make the best possible Medicare decision for your needs, I’m a great choice for you. That’s why I’m independent. I get to offer many different solutions for my clients.      

Conclusion — Medicare Open Enrollment 2021 | Changes To Make the Best Decision

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As an insurance agent, it’s my goal to make your life easier. That includes the process of securing all types of coverage for you and your loved ones, including Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, Final Expense life insurance services, and retirement security plans. You can reach me toll-free at 800-910-3382 or get a free quote on MedicareRateQuote.com with just a few clicks! Don’t forget that I also offer contact forms if you would like more information from trustedbenefitsdirect.com – click here now!

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Medicare Enrollment
Medicare Enrollment

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