What Our Clients Are Saying

Lori A. La Quinta, CA

“Chris handled everything! I didn’t know what I wanted or needed. He was very patient and answered all of my questions. In the end, we got exactly what I needed. So happy with the great customer service. We have no worries.”

Crystal K. Port Allegany, PA

“Whenever I have a question, he responds immediately. Chris has always helped me in any way I need help.”

Maria C. Wyoming, PA

Chris made the transition to Medicare effortless. Returned my calls promptly and answered all my questions thoroughly. I have recommended Chris to my friends that are transitioning to Medicare. Job well done.

Dan S. Santa Paula, CA

“I arrived in the fog of (Now what do I do) when it came to Medicare. It was very confusing as to which plan do I go with. Chris came to me with a few questions and he helped guide me to the best plan for me. Thank You for the assistance.”

Vicki B. Mesa, AZ

   I thought I was going to be forced financially to discontinue some of my medical care. Then Chris Duncan responded to my call with the solution to my problem! I couldn’t be happier with the results he found for me.

Dennis S. Mercerburg, PA

   Chris has always been available when we needed help or had questions. He has always found us the best option at the best price on our Medicare supplement insurance. He also made a complicated system alot easier.

Tony J. Oakdale, CA

I discovered Chris Duncan while browsing through Medicare related videos on YouTube. I had been doing this for a couple of months during the 2019 open enrollment period because I wanted to return to Original Medicare after being on an Advantage Plan for the past 5 years. After watching a close friend go through the many hassles trying to get approval to get care for a rare condition outside of his MA network I wanted to prepare for any future medical issues that might affect me. Apparently, his MA network didn’t have any specialists that treated his affliction. This was all the motivation I needed to try changing back to Original Medicare with a Plan G supplement so I could see any doctor I wanted who accepted Medicare. I contacted 3 different high-profile Medicare specialist agents that I found ads and videos for on YouTube, and these were the results. The first one reviewed my condition and prescription medications and told me not to bother because my medical issues and prescription drugs would result in a denial of application for coverage. The second agent took my information and sent it to a large Medicare supplement provider. Within a week I received a denial of application from the carrier due to my medical issues and prescribed drugs. The third one also took my information and said he’d review my situation with his providers and call me back with the best available options for me. He never called me and I didn’t receive any call backs after leaving a couple of voice mail messages. I moved on and kept checking ads and videos on YouTube and came across one posted by Chris Duncan that sparked my interest because he spoke about different ways to get approval from a Medicare supplement provider that I hadn’t heard about. At this point I had nothing to lose, so I completed the short online form from his website https://trustedbenefitsdirect.com/ and was called by Chris soon afterwards. This is what happened: He assured me right away that he knew his way around the Medicare insurance Underwriting process, and since I was living in California, that there were some other avenues available to get coverage. This was refreshing and I must admit that I was a little skeptical after three previous experiences. To wrap up this review, not only did Chris deliver as promised, he managed to get two providers that offered me the Plan G Supplement I was wanting at the low rates offered to new Medicare receipts, or those without pre-existing conditions and prescriptions. I now have what I was looking for because of his special talents and thorough knowledge of the Medicare insurance industry and process. He made me feel like my situation was a priority to him and absolutely delivered 100%. I can’t thank him enough, he got it done when others said it couldn’t happen. I won’t waste my time calling other agents in the future because of what he delivered successfully. Again thank you Chris! You’re Awesome!!!

Ed G. Johnsonburg, PA

I talked with Chris on the phone and he was just amazing how he talked to me about these plans. His knowledge far outweighs mine as far as insurance goes. I’m a carpenter so I don’t know about the insurance world. This guy hooked me up with everything my wife and I needed. I threatened him by telling him that I am putting his number in the phone and I will call him, day or night, if he leads us down the wrong path. I believe that this guy is in the right place and he actually enjoys helping others. Not a common find in the insurance industry. If I need anything else, I believe that he will be my first choice to speak with. Thanks to all of you that make this place work.

Patrick H. Reno, NV

I moved from California to Nevada. Chris Duncan was very professional and answered all of my questions quickly and laid out all of my options.  I was able to pick the right option for my needs. There was no additional fee. On a scale of 1 to 10, he is definitely a 10. I highly recommend him for all insurance assistance, including Medicare.

Mark W. Long Beach, CA

Excellent service and knowledge, very helpful. In fact they were unable to get me the insurance carrier I wanted and they recommended me to someone who could.  Unbelievable service. My highest recommendation

Don & Margaret F. San Jose, CA

We found Chris back in December 2019 on Youtube.  We worked with Chris in handling the “CA Birthday rule” review with possible changes to my wife’s coverage and he worked things out to our satisfaction. He was everything one wishes for in a salesperson i.e. personable, polite, knowledgeable, working the best deal for us (not bonus driven), etc, He made the commitment in December that he would look at my coverage in June when my birthday came in play. Committed professional as he is he contacted me and found comparable coverage at a lower monthly fee. Very informative (knows the market) does what he says in a very timely manner. We recommend him highly and will pass his name along as needed.

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