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Mission Statement of Trusted Benefits Direct ™

Trusted Benefits Direct ™ is to provide the best communication through service and education ensuring client needs are properly cared for before, during and after the decision making process for multiple planning needs.


The Medicare Promise ™

Client experience is our main objective. Our mission statement guides us to consistently conduct business with the highest integrity. Trusted Benefits Direct ™ focuses on customer experience throughout our process. This is the reason we have high referral rates from our clients. With customer service in mind, Christopher came up with the idea of his Medicare Promise ™.  The Medicare Promise ™ ensures our clients will experience an education process in a low-pressure environment.

When signing up for their Medicare choices, seniors experience harassment from multiple outlets to make a quick uninformed decision. This often comes in the form of the insurance agent saying indeed they are from Medicare. The agent, in turn, applies pressure to the senior in making a premature decision. The Medicare Promise ™ process walks our client through from beginning to end of the Medicare choice research. The Medicare Promise ™ starts with education about the parts of Medicare. What Medicare covers, what Medicare does not cover. Searching for physicians that accept Original Medicare, alternatives to Original Medicare. In addition, the gaps associated with Medicare and how to best protect our client’s assets against those gaps with different products. A partial list of the products used is Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Plans, Cancer Insurance protection, Dental-Vision-Hearing products.


Trusted Benefits Direct ™ was born out of the necessity of the growing number of seniors in the United States. These seniors need help with the navigation of the total retirement process.  The founder Christopher Duncan started specializing with educating the senior population with the different Medicare choices that are available. It wasn’t long before he realized his clients also needed guidance not only with Medicare choices but also with end of life planning and legacy creation.

Christopher’s greatest joy is helping his clients gain peace of mind they will not outlive their retirement.  He found the number one concern his clients had was outliving their money. When Christopher found this out he set out to gain the knowledge necessary to alleviate this concern.  He has gone through many pieces of training to ensure his clients receive the best products used to ensure retirement. He uses both fixed indexed annuities and guaranteed universal life products. They provide the possibility of principal growth of their money. In addition, they ensure the principal money in their account will never decrease. 

Specialization of Trusted Benefits Direct ™

Christopher and Trusted Benefits Direct ™ specialize in only three areas.

  1. Medicare (Asset Protection)
  2. Life Insurance (Legacy Planning)
  3. Annuities (Guaranteed Income with the possibility of principal growth)

Trusted Benefits Direct ™ is an independent agency. We do not use a one size fit all approach that employees of big firms have to use. Trusted Benefits Direct ™ is not an employee of any insurance company but is self-employed and this makes our clients our employers.  This enables us to do what is exactly right for our clients with whatever insurance product or whatever insurance company is the exact right fit.  This is why many of Christopher’s clients refer many of their family members and friends to his services.

Modernization and Efficiency

Why Trusted Benefits Direct ™ uses the internet and phone to conduct business.

Research has shown that most seniors begin their Medicare research and retirement planning options online.  Using the internet has made everyone’s lives more streamlined. Most people in today’s society choose to pay their bills, do their banking, shop, watch videos, movies and much more online.  It is simply more efficient and that means saving time. Trusted Benefits Direct ™ has geared our marketing to online to help its customers. With this experience, Trusted Benefits Direct ™ is able to provide the best quality service and make the entire process extremely easy. 

With the use of technology and mainly video, we are able to bring our presence directly into our client’s home. We provide much of the research a client needs through videos. The videos are how our clients find us. It is our videos how new clients learn about who we are and how they can trust us.  Only after an initial trust has been gained is when clients call to have all of their questions answered (and to make sure we are who we say we are). This is where our clients find the value of Trusted Benefits Direct ™. We take a no-pressure approach in making sure our clients understand each aspect of Medicare or other products and services we provide. 

Internet and Phone

We don’t meet over 99% of our clients face to face and that is the way our client’s like it. If you want an agent to come to your house, we are probably not the right fit for you. And that is okay. Because we do 99% of our business entirely over the phone (sometimes a client will come to our office and we love to see them) there are no agents that come to your home.  This is the way our client base likes it. They don’t have time to entertain different agents coming to their home presenting their product.

The Inefficiency of Agents Going to Your Home

Notice I said product singular, many of the agents that do come to the house are one-trick ponies with only limited knowledge. They are usually new agents trying to make it and most never last past one year. They spend a good portion of their time driving to people’s homes. This is a substantial waste of time. It makes it very difficult to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of Medicare and retirement products.  This wasted time, in my opinion, makes the agent visiting their clients one at a time prone to not doing what is best for the client. These agents are susceptible to not providing products in their clients best interest. They may feel the need to provide products that are not competitively prices that provide a higher commission. Or they may provide products that pay agents a lump sum bonus as an incentive to sell their product.

At Trusted Benefits Direct ™ our mission statement guides us to take care of the client’s needs first and foremost. Many times we do not generate a commission with advice and products we recommend.  That is okay! Providing the best customer experience is our driving force. Our clients provide us an endless stream of referrals to their family and friends when our customer service goals are obtained. 

When you are ready for us to be of service to you, please call us at 800.910.3382.

100% Secure Info Submission

We do not sell information. It is collected solely for our use to better serve you!

100% Secure Info Submission

We do not sell information. It is collected solely for our use to better serve you!