Medigap Plans: Amazing Way On How Not To Pick

You have been living on your own for quite some time now. You may not be the spring chicken you used to be, but you still want to retain as much independence as possible. It can be difficult with all of these new medical bills coming in and out, so here are a few things to look into before you pick your next Medigap plan.

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Be Careful of Agent Bonuses

One of the things that are important to ask an agent before you give over your information about the Medigap Plans is if they’re getting paid any bonuses for the policy they are recommending. Many agents will recommend new companies in the Medicare Supplement market that offer bonuses. New Medicare Supplement plans will offer agents bonuses as one way to entice agents to recommend their brand new product. Here is a new company and they are offering a hefty $300 bonus for underwritten applications. 

Things You must Know about Medigap Plans Marketing Organizations

Here’s the brochure a Medicare Supplement marketing organization emailed me trying to get me to contract with the company. I’ve blocked out the name of the company. They tend to get mad at me when I do these types of blogs giving my opinions. As I see it, they are enticing agents to sell their product only based on a low price and with a bonus. As you know from the Medicare Supplement plan letter you have, the benefits are the same with every company and it looks like price is the only difference.

Medigap Plans
Be Careful Medicare Supplement Bonuses

There are many agents out there that only know enough to tell you, price is the only difference between the companies so you might as well get the cheapest. I hear it all the time when I talk with people about their Medicare Supplement. Many calls come to me from people all over the country that have read my blogs and have had big rate increases. I ask, “How did you pick your Medicare Supplement company in the first place?” And I hear them say. “The agent said the Medicare Supplement plan I’m looking at has the same benefits as every company, I should get the cheapest.”

Discover Medigap Plans Company Dangers

They treat you like you’re buying a bag of apples at the grocery store or something. Buying the cheapest, newest, shiniest object in the market can be very dangerous. The above described is a brand new company for Medicare Supplement. They have no rate increase history and they have no claims experience. They are trying to get you to buy solely based on price. Why not get it, price is the only difference, right? This is what the inexperienced agents tell you. They are generally right out of college and I was right out of college once too. I got out of college before the turn of the century and I don’t have anything against new college graduates. However, these new college grads are working in the gigantic call centers, with managers breathing down their necks to make sales.

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What You Need to Know About Medigap Plans G vs N

Being a Call Center Agent and the Pressures

Executives are pressuring managers and executives are being pressured by shareholders or investors to return a profit on their investment. On the other hand, I’m a small business owner and you know who my boss is. It certainly isn’t me. My boss is you, my clients. I’m committed to doing the best for you. The best for you, wouldn’t be recommending this new company just because it might be able to save you a few dollars a month or pay me a bonus. I’m not appointed to sell this company and I don’t plan on selling this company. If this company reads this blog and recognizes their flyer, they probably wouldn’t contract me to provide it.

The Only Best Medicare Broker You Will Ever Need

If you’d like to contact someone about a Medigap Plan and also know who you’ll be talking to I believe I’m a great choice. Be careful when you respond to those television ads with famous football players on them, those Facebook ads with catchy pictures, or other celebrities touting one company or another. You certainly won’t be speaking to them and won’t even know who’s on the other side of that phone. You know who I am, if you’ve read any of my blogs or seen any of my videos you know I have the experience that will help you. And my service is free. I’ll help you pick out your Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, or Part D plan. I’m able to help you shop the rates and extra benefits and I would love to help you.

Conclusion — Medigap Plans: Amazing Way On How Not To Pick

The best way to find the right Medigap plan for you is by taking a look at all of your healthcare needs and wants. I hope this article was helpful in giving you some ideas about what to consider when picking a new Medigap plan. If it wasn’t, feel free to call me anytime at 800-910-3382!

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I’m Chris Duncan, owner of Trusted Benefits Direct. As your Medicare advisor, I want you to know that my business offers superior solutions for everyone. I do not work for insurance companies, which allows me to serve you at a high level without any hidden agendas or conflicts of interest. All resources are provided at no cost. Because people must find peace of mind when looking ahead years down the line.

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Medigap Plans
Medigap Plans

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