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One of the great things about Medicare Advantage is it will give you a trial right. This particular trial right only applies if you got a Medicare Advantage for the first time when you turned 65. Some agents will tell you this trial right is for anyone with a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time. This isn’t the case.

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The Medicare Advantage Trial Right can Help You with Your Decision

I’ll paint a little picture here, suppose you are a new Medicare beneficiary turning 65. You are having trouble deciding on Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement and prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage. You like the idea of a Medicare Advantage program. Medicare Advantage includes Part D, which has a low premium and has some extras Original Medicare doesn’t cover. They can include, some dental, vision, hearing, and a little more. But you also like Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement. This has the freedom to choose any provider that accepts Medicare. 

How Medicare Advantage Trial Right can keep You out of Trouble

This trial right allows you to switch out of the Medicare Advantage plan. The trial right allows you to return back to Original Medicare. Any time during the first 12 months you have the Medicare Advantage plan. Now that’s nice, but here’s the best part. You can use this trial right to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan without having to answer any health questions. Usually, when you’re outside of your initial enrollment period for a Medicare Supplement. The insurance company can ask you a series of health questions.

This allows them to deny your coverage outright or raise your premium depending on how you answer those questions. With the trial right they can’t do any of that. This trial right lasts for 12 months from when you originally enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plan. So if you’re on the fence, this may help you make a decision. 

medicare advantage trial right
medicare advantage trial right

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Medicare Advantage Plan

If you decide to get the Medicare Advantage plan you have a full 12 months to try it out. At any time during those 12 months, you say this isn’t right for me, or I hate these referrals or I hate this provider network. You don’t need a reason, you can call me and it’s easy to get you out of this Medicare Advantage plan and back to Original Medicare. You can also purchase a Medicare Supplement plan without answering any health questions. I get asked sometimes, 

“Chris, what if I come down with a health issue and want to return to Original Medicare and buy a Medicare Supplement plan. Will Medicare and the Supplement cover these pre-existing conditions?”  

The answer is an absolute yes. Medicare will always cover pre-existing conditions and your Medicare Supplement in this instance must also absolutely cover your pre-existing conditions.

If you use the trial right coverage Original Medicare and the Medicare Supplement becomes effective the 1st of the following month after the request. If you applied for the trial right anytime from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. Your new coverage becomes effective on the 1st of the next month. 

Conclusion — Medicare Advantage Trial Right | Be Ruthless

The Medicare Advantage trial right is for those that have selected a Medicare Advantage plan during their turning 65 initial enrollment period. Any time during the first 12 months of having the Medicare Advantage plan the beneficiary can return to Original Medicare for any reason. They also have the right to purchase a Medicare Supplement with a guarantee issue right not to answer any health questions. They can’t have their premiums raised because of health, and the Medicare Supplement company can’t deny claims based on pre-existing conditions.

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